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Welcome to Korea & Japan Flowers, in Korea & Japan's National Florist. Featuring FREE same day flower delivery with no added service charges across our entire online flower shop!

Now with over thousands original floral designs, found nowhere else online - including a large collection of gorgeous Popular Flowers, Birthday Flowers & Flowers for Any Occasion.

Korea Flowers, Korea and Japan's National Florist is pleased to announce that the domain name / is now a part of our national brand.

Korea Flowers, online at is owned and operated by / Hwabee Line Co.,Ltd. As an online floral ecommerce retailer, Korea Flowers has been providing local, national and international online flower delivery services since 1997. As a retail florist with a reputable 'bricks and mortar' business, Korea Flowers has been in the flower business for over 20 years.

Our President and CEO, Mr. Mike Joo, started Korea Flower Delivery Association in Seoul Korea long before anyone even thought of the internet or shopping online. Korea Flower Delivery Association is a professional, full service flower shop,operating at Seoul and Tokyo.  These days, Town & Country Florist still operates a vigorous business out of its location, but much of our large building has been transformed into a full-service, high-tech customer service, retail contact (call) centre and shipping facility, complete with an high-tech photo studio, secure climate controlled server room,  broad casting , floral education , and more.

As Korea Flowers, we have delivered in excess of 1.5 million flower, fruit, plant and gift orders across Korea and Japan and throughout the world. We have recently been honoured once again as Korea and Japan's Leading florist, and are now ranked among the top local florists worldwide. We take great pride in providing the very best service combined with the highest quality flowers available online. We are also honoured to be among the top local florists both in Korea and Japan, and internationally.

Our high-ranking and close affiliation with both Korea and Japan, allows us to leverage our membership status to ensure the very finest flower products are delivered throughout Both countries by carefully selected partners and wire service member florists, highly regarded for their quality, freshness, professionalism and value. We are also fortunate to operate a unique network (The Worldwide Floral Network) within Japan and throughout most countries worldwide, allowing us to work directly with agents, members and affiliates in thousands of cities globally. Our goal is to continually improve our network in order to provide our customers with the very best services available online -- or anywhere else!

All of Koreaa Flowers original products are locally designed, professionally prepared by hand, and reliably florist delivered. We believe that nothing replaces the value, beauty and artistry of florist-prepared arrangements, bouquets and floral gifts. Simply put there is nothing quite like the results generated by talented floral designers working with fresh, quality products. The end result -- a beautiful arrangement -- delivered fresh and ready to enjoy, is simply a treasure that a courier can't send overnight in a cardboard box. Korea Flowers is unique online for several reasons. These include:

  • Over 1500 custom-made, unique and original flower arrangements which we prepare and photograph in our own digital studios. We call these Korea Flowers Originals. Most florists all share the same product catalogues, which are repeated in 100s of websites in Korea, Japan and globally. While we happily offer the very best of FTD® and Teleflora, we also offer over 1500 of our own, beautiful master-designed flower bouquets and arrangements.
  • FREE DELIVERY: For most cities across Koea and Japan, there are no added deliery fees at checkout. Our upfront prices include delivery so there are no surprises and extra costs when checking out. What a great idea!
  • We have knowledgeable, mature and dedicated staff that work constantly to provide  the very best customer service experience for our customers. Part of this customer service includes the pleasure of speaking with a real customer service specialist when you call us, rather than listening to a complex phone menu. We do our very best to answer most calls in 3 rings or less. We are open 7 days a week and answer phones long after 'normal' business hours. If you call us at 8:30 pm at night you won't be transferred to a 3rd party call centre. You'll get to speak with someone... Real people who are working hard to meet and exceed your expectations!
  • We accept Custom Flower Orders across a wide range of prices, so you can order exactly what you want, and choose flowers that fit your budget exactly.
  • We accept PayPal payments online. Simply put, if it makes ordering online easier for you, then we do our best to make it happen. That's been the case with the addition of PayPal as a fast, secure and completely reliable payment option.
  • Our website is constantly being updated with new flower arrangements. In fact, we've typically add about 15 new, original floral arrangements per month.
  • We don't store customer credit card information on our web server. We never have. We take privacy and security very seriously, and are constantly working to protect our valuable customer data -- your data. We are cautious, conservative and safe.
  • We can be found online at It's the easiest and most intuitive domain name for sending flowers in Korea and Japan. Just remember, and we'll do the rest!

Korea Flowers is constantly working toward growing and improving our business. We work hard every day to remain the very best online florist available to all in Korea and Japan. We are always open to feedback and suggestions from customers. To our existing customers, we'd like to thank-you for your business, and we want you to know that we truly value your business and never take it for granted. To new customers, we invite you to try our services. We offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you both now and in the future.

Worldwide Floral Service / KFDA
Flower Delivery, Education, Broad casting
Phone Toll-free: 080-370-3100
Overseas : +82 10 31 11 04 00
24/7 on what's up, Line, Viber


Last updated Jan 31st, 2017  ( under construction till the end of Feb 2017)